Top 10 Air Conditioning Tech Schools in the USA

As a result of a large number of buildings coming up each day, technicians with proper training in AC repair schools are in high demand too. Not only do these buildings need to have air-conditioning systems installed, but they also need to be maintained and repaired.
But keeping these AC systems in proper order requires a great level of skill and technical knowledge of the temperature control systems.
You will know how to deal with AC systems at an air conditioner technician school through 4-year studying or certificate degree programs or associate programs that require 2-years of devoted study!
Like all other subjects, not all schools are equal when it comes to the extensive training and state of the art tech labs in learning about air-conditioning. And if the coursework becomes too intensive, you can always ask academic writers to do the homework for you. The
following programs are considered to be among the best AC training schools out
there in the US:
1. South Mountain Community College
This Arizona based program is distinguished by its comprehensive curriculum and small student batches and a distinguished faculty. This 2-year studying guarantees a bright future for the student through the quality of education received in the college.
2. Atlanta Technical College
This is a great option for students aged 16 and above who have completed their high school diploma or GED. The 51-hour credit hour-long course has just the right combination of practical and theoretical training you need to excel at HVAC-R.
3. Lewis-Clark State College
The only HVAC programs out of Idaho are these Lewiston based 1 and 2-year certificate programs besides bachelors and associate programs in Applied Sciences, where HVAC finds extensive coverage. Through the practiced oriented program, students are trained in solving problems and in the maintenance of HVAC systems. If the thought of relevant essays and assignments stress you out when studying, you can always turn to an academic writer like SpeedyPaper. Read this post to know is speedypaper legit?
4. Georgia Piedmont Technical College
This college is perfect if you are interested in both commercial as well as residential air-conditioning systems. It offers certificate, diploma, and associate programs on the subject.
5. Santa Rosa Junior College
This California based college aims to make a college education accessible to a large number of students. If you are really serious about your AC technology-related training, this college is a great choice. It not only has students as its focus but is friendly and safe as well. It offers 2 years' bachelor and a certificate degree in the field.
This college is noted for its study programs, which are focused on building a career. A refrigeration program is among the ones offered by Alaska's Institute of Technology. It consists of 509 hours of training spanning more than 87 days. The program is nicely balanced between classroom-based classes and hands-on training in refrigeration.
7. Northern Michigan University
This Marquette based Michigan program has an HVAC-R technology certificate course extending to 45 credits. This is a good place to give your AC career dreams adequate wings.
8. Ferris State University
The full BS degree in HVAC, as offered by Ferris, is an exceptional program guiding you through the design, testing, and adjustment of HVAC systems. It extends to two years and gives you adequate knowledge about computerized controls for HVAC systems that is very much in vogue these days.
9. CBT College
This college is spread across 6 campuses throughout Florida. The 8-month course equips the learner with a technical diploma, and the credits can be applied to the associate degree offered in AC and refrigeration.
10. Austin Community College
The college offers both certificates, as well as associate degrees in applied sciences and specialized HVAC-R programs.
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